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  • education in social media
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Professional Status

Open to opportunities


About Me

My studies in graphic design has opened for me, the doors of ICT. I work for the fight against the digital divide (disparity in access to information technology and focusing on the Internet). I want to improve my professional with free software practices and freedoms 4


  • Create animations related to ICT
  • Manage a multimedia space
  • Establish a technology watch
  • Observe video game uses and practices
  • Public support in their digital practices
  • create website with wysiwyg html editor
  • Create graphic designs
  • Suite Microsoft et LibreOffice
  • DTP (Suite Adobe), Gimp et Inkscape (OpenSource)
  • Webdesign (Macromedia Dreamweaver)
  • Content management system (CMS)
    Website with Wordpress
  • modeling and 3D printing with FreeCad (OpenSource)
    Up Mini 2 printer from Tiertime
  • News and social Networking with Mastodon (OpenSources) and Twitter)
  • English spoken and written
  • French (Mother tongue)